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Cellular Track System

If you are looking for the ultimate in energy efficiency and light control you can’t get better than the Cellular Track System. It’s been tested to have a higher R rating than even the old Window Quilts and Warm Window Shades.  (if you don’t know what those are, no worries, they were popular in the days of single pane windows)

Above: Black Out Cellular / Below: Translucent

The Cellular Track System uses a ‘normal’ Cellular Shade that operates in a sealed side track. (we can only do this product when we have an inside mount)  The top and bottom is covered with a fuzz bar strip to keep unwanted light, cold, or heat out. Options include a top down / bottom operating system (shown in bottom image)
The Cellular Track System has been used in bedrooms and media rooms.  Any room where you need to keep the light, cold, and heat out.
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